Mental Performance Coaching With Jennifer Heistand

Jennifer Heistand Mental Performance Coach My name is Jennifer Heistand. Welcome to StillPoint Performance.

A stillpoint is a place where your mind and body are at a point of perfect alignment. It is the point where your mental clarity coincides with your athletic ability, achieving pure focus and your optimal level of success.

I am a Certified Mental Performance Coach to elite Junior, Collegiate, and Professional athletes, covering all forms of competition. It matters not what sports you play. Once you learn how your mind and body work in concert, you can use your new Coherence strength as leverage in every sport…

Mind and Body – Mental Performance Coaching


Mental and Emotional Coaching

Mental and emotional training is a component that some athletes dismiss, but is crucial in maintaining composure under stress and to improving athletic performance…

Mental Skills and Emotional Intelligence in Sports


How Great Athletes Find “The Zone”

Being in “the zone” is a universal phenomenon experienced by almost all elite athletes. So what is this “zone”? How can athletes find it? And how does it affect athletic performance?

How to Get in the Zone – Mental Performance Coaching


“Jennifer Heistand takes an outdated model of performance coaching and turns it on its head. Athletes, professional and amateur alike, are better informed than ever about the importance and power of mental clarity, but still in the dark about the crucial link between heart and mind. Jennifer not only explains the emotional and physical continuum between mind and heart, but coaches athletes – in sport, in business, and in life – to live at the crossroads, at the still point.” – Brian Dabul, Tennis Professional


How to Stay Calm and Relaxed During Competition

Sports: Become an Emotional Master Athlete – Are you an emotional master on the field? Sports can evoke a wide range of emotions, from inspiration, pride, exhilaration, and satisfaction, to fear, frustration, anger, and panic, often in a very short time span during training or competition…



Stillpoint Performance

Stillpoint is the optimal level of peak performance meeting the point of mental clarity and focus.

Physical training provides athletes with increased strength, muscle memory, increased flexibility, and faster reaction times. However, the physical part of athletics is just one component.

Mental and emotional training is a component that some athletes dismiss, but is crucial in maintaining composure under stress and to improving athletic performance.

Contact: For Consultation, To speak at an Event, For a private event/team building session, For media request or interview…

CALL +1-561-570-5544

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