Vintage Television Ben Casey Overnight Case Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeers Wallet Soupy Sales Society Pinback and Snap Rice Krispies Advertising Figure

  My Forever Treasures is responding to requests for vintage 1950’s and 1960’s television memorabilia. Pleased to offer a vintage quartet. We begin with 1960’s resident neurosurgeon Ben Casey. The Ben Casey Show ran 1961-1966 and is considered a top 10 great Medical Show. On a list behind # 1 “E.R.” “Home” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” Vince Edwards played the surly combative neurosurgeon. Always facing controversial subjects in a metropolitan hospital. He never showed restraint. Dr. Casey would say to nurses, “What do you use for brains!” If a patient needed to deal with their condition or die. Ben Casey was the first doctor to tell them the truth! This medical heart throb fought with his superiors.   Ahead of his time. Vince Edwards was nominated for a 1962 Emmy Award for Best Leading Actor in a Drama Series. His superior Dr. Zorba warned him, “Your need to always be right, will be your undoing Ben Casey.” Zorba was wrong for all 6 years the series ran. Winning it’s time slot and creating demand for endless merchandising. Our Ben Casey Overnight Case, can now be yours. Perfect for a trip down memory lane. Room for pajamas, yoga outfit, bathing suit, blow […]


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