Apstra Videos – Intent-Based Networking, Intent Based Analytics, Data Center Operations

Apstra Videos – Intent-Based Networking, Intent Based Analytics, Data Center Operations


Apstra Tutorial: Intent-Based Analytics Probes – Headroom

Jeremy Schulman, Developer Advocate for Apstra, provides a brief automation tutorial for Intent-based analytics(IBA) using pre-defined, turn-key IBA probes, with a focus on the Headroom probe.

Data Center Network Design and Operation Should Be This Easy

This engaging video series was developed by Seth Lane, a CCIE at Apstra to demonstrate how the Apstra Operating System (AOS) can allow you to massively reduce data center network service delivery time, failures, and cost

Trends, Predictions, and Disruptions in 2018

Alan Zeichick of NetEvents interviews with Mansour Karam, CEO of Apstra along with several other industry thought leaders to discover the most important trends in data center networking for 2018.

Intent-Based Networking Introduction with Sasha Ratkovic

Sasha Ratkovic, CTO and Founder of Apstra, spends this session cutting through the hype around intent-based networking. Sasha narrowly defines what Apstra means by intent. This isn’t simply a “correct” abstraction layer or a configuration management scheme. He outlines how intent is based on the outcome of automating the complete networking service lifecycle.


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