Vintage Baseball Card & Pin Celebration. 1953, Mantle, Berra, Ford. 1920, Ty Cobb Hand-Cut Treasure. 1910, Cy Young Sepia Caporal Pin. 1952, Babe Ruth Look’n See and More

For, more than a century, baseball cards, have been a prime focus, of American collectors and investors. It, continues to be, one of America’s favorite pastimes. Today, baseball card and pin collecting, has grown into a Multi-Billion Dollar industry. Sports memorabilia collecting, offers a souvenir, memento, or keepsake that embraces wonderful memories. Our collections, connect us to famous athletes/heroes. Rookie cards, Hall of Fame Players, scarcity, condition, etc. increase value. From our collection, My Forever Treasures, is pleased to part with, several of our personal favorites. 1953, Topps Baseball Cards, are considered, among the all-time prizes. Vibrant, colored portraits, are it’s trademarks. The young, close-up image/portrait, of Topps 1953 Mickey Mantle # 82 card, makes this icon’s classic, among baseball’s most valuable. Topps 1953, large 2 5/8 x 3 3/4 cards, have us including N.Y. Yankee heroes Yogi Berra # 104 and Whitey Ford # 207. Our, 1920 Ty Cobb. W 561-1, authentic hand-cut baseball card, is a museum piece. Hand-cut, is another popular historical variety. Cobb, was the greatest hitter of all time. .366 lifetime batting average. Our, Cy Young 1910 Sweet Caporal P2, sepia-toned baseball pin, is a collector’s crown jewel. Distributed, []


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