Bruce Springsteen Autographed Concert Color Photo The Boss at His Best

Bruce Springsteen, is an American singer-songwriter, known for his work, with the E. Street Band. He’s, from New Jersey. Fans, also know him by his nickname, The Boss. Born to Run,1975 and 1984’s,Born in the U.S.A. are his most successful albums. On both releases, he finds pleasures, in the struggles of daily American life. Musical genres include, early blues, R. & B., jazz, early rock and roll and soul. Influences, include Joe Cocker Mad Dogs & Englishmen, Leon Russell and Van Morrison. As, we offer his incredible autographed photo, Springsteen has sold more than 120 million albums worldwide. Let’s start, at the beginning. Discovered, in 1972 by, legendary talent scout John Hammond. Bruce, was brought to Clive Davis, and signed to Columbia Records. Hammond, had brought Bob Dylan to Columbia, and they were expecting an acoustic album, from Springsteen. He, brought many of, his N.J.-based colleagues/musicians/pals, to the recording session. Thus, forming the E. Street Band. The debut album, Greetings from Asbury Park, was released Jan.1973. Establishing, Bruce, as a critical favorite. Blinded by the Light, had critics comparing him to Bob Dylan.The rock press,(his earliest champion) offered, Springsteen, sings with a freshness, I haven’t heard, since I was rocked []


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