Vintage Confederate Civil War Brass and Copper Black Army Powder Flask from 1862 Ornately Embossed with Cannon, Flags and Guns

This is, a highly embossed, Confederate Civil War Powder Flask. The brass and copper Flask, offers detailed images, of an eagle, cannon, crossing guns, rifles, stars, flags and so much more. You’ll find the very elaborate artwork, is what makes our Confederate Civil War Relic, so desireable. More than 155 years old, in excellent condition, and the magic = of being brought back in time, are why I love it. The adjuster screw, at the top of the the brass cap works. The Flask measures, 8″ high and 3+” across the widest part. It’s endured, Civil War battles and survived. The detailed artwork, on this Confederate Scalloped Designed Flask, make it a great addition, to any Civil War Collection. My Forever Treasures, has opened our “back in time,” treasure vault. Offering our most, historical treasure, in ages. Framed, on your wall, the Copper and Brass, Classically Embossed Civil War Relic, will serve, as Historical “Eye Candy.” you deserve the best.:) find it here.:)   REB Digs; Rare Civil War Confederate Weapons Cache Found From Potter’s Raid 1865. January 25, 1981, one of the largest caches of Confederate weapons ever found, was excavated in South Carolina. You will be amazed by […]


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