Tony Bennett Autographed Photo Venue Handbill – 3 Nights Only Denver, Colorado

Tony Bennett,is an American singer of popular songs, traditional pop standards, big band, show tunes and jazz. He’s, also an accomplished artist. Several, of his works are displayed, at top galleries and art museums around the world. After, World War 2, Bennett developed his unique singing technique. Tony, was quickly signed by Columbia Records. He, rewarded Columbia w. his 1951 # 1 Hit Song,”Because of You.” This, million seller was Tony’s first hit song. # 1 for 10 weeks! Tony Bennett, followed w.”Rags to Riches.” “Riches,” also went to # 1, and became one of his classics. “I Wanna Be Around,” “Smile,” and “The Good Life” are Bennett favorites. His teenage fans, screamed for Tony, 7 shows daily at the Palace Theater. In 1962, Tony recorded, his signature International Hit Song, “San Francisco,” and fans will celebrate this song forever. Considered, the “Ultimate Vocalist,” Tony refined his style, to sing jazz. Jazz, had him working with Count Basie and Bill Evans. He’s, not only bridged the “Generation Gap.” Tony Bennett, has demolished it. Singing with Amy Winehouse, k.d.lang, and Lady Gaga. Exposed, this incredible vocalist, to a new generation. Appearing on MTV Music Awards Shows,”Late Night w. David Letterman,” and […]

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