Cannabis Startups are a Budding Business

We are seeing new innovations with cannabis daily, and some companies are even incorporating “cannabis tastings” into their business plans.


Cannabis grower, Nikki Lastreto, compares these tastings to wine tastings that so many people love to take part in. Similar to swishing it around you mouth and bringing in the full flavors as you do with wine, these “cannoisseurs” taste all of the different flavors of the many strains available.


With marijuana growing in legality by the month, cannabis startups have become a budding business. Outside of the enormous number of startup grows and dispensaries flourishing around the United States, there are companies introducing new ideas, such as a medical marijuana delivery service in San Francisco.


“Farm to table” has taken a new twist with marijuana, as you can look at it as “farm to pipe”. Many dispensaries are giving their patients direct access to the farmer of the plant, so they can see who grew it, how they grew it and where they grew it.


To learn more about the newest cannabis startups, watch the video below.




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